Late Night Musings from a Mother In Love

Last night while nursing my newborn daughter Moxie, I paused to acknowledge my firstborn, Poppy, stillborn 2 years ago. My muse and guide, Poppy inspires me every day. Yesterday was Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day and I felt her spirit as strong as ever.

A Love Poem to My Firstborn

I love you Poppy,

Wherever you are.

Whether you’re near or whether you’re far.

You make life special in so many ways,

I think about you every day.

Your presence is felt,

Your magic is sweet,

Understanding your death has been quite the feat.

I’ll never know just why you died, but it matters not because you tried.

And with your power you graced our lives

Forever changed, in our hearts you reside.

Now that Moxie’s here life feels full,

The pain of grief has a weaker pull.

We know true Joy,

We understand sorrow,

We embrace the former and not the latter.

Your sister says thank you for setting the stage,

Her life will benefit as you paved the way.

We love you Poppy

Wherever you are

Through my veins you flow

You’re my shining star.

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This Poppy flower bloomed on our deck while I was giving birth to Moxie at the hospital. Poppy welcomed her baby sister home.

My heart is so full! I never knew love like this. Moxie is one week old today. Love, Katie

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I write about love, grief, forgiveness, and healing to honor my daughters Poppy and Moxie. I work as a life coach and I’m writing a memoir.

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